Car Loan Repayment Calculator

The Car Loan repayment calculator is designed to help calculate the repayments on a Car Loan, for different loan amounts, terms and interest rates. It provides results on the monthly repayment, total loan cost and an indication of the amount you will pay in interest charges for each particular loan variation. Once you have made your loan repayment calculation you can review the results, print them and also email them to yourself and a colleague for future reference. Once you have established the amount you wish to borrow for your car loan you are ready to compare car loan options.

The output of this Car Loan Repayment Calculator, is subject to the assumptions provided and are subject to change. These calculations do not constitute an offer of credit or a quote and are only an estimate of what you may be able to borrow based on the accuracy of the information provided. It doesn't take into account any product features or any applicable fees.