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Westpac 4 Year Fixed Options Home Loan

Great flexible features 

Fixed Options Home Loan has great flexible features: 

  • Make extra payments and take a repayment holiday - You can make extra repayments up to a total of $30,000 on new loans. If you’ve made extra repayments, you can take a break from making repayments
  • A handy redraw facility - Apply to redraw excess funds from your loan at no extra cost up to a maximum total of $30,000 over the life of a new loan (no fee applies)


Easy access to any extra repayments you’ve made with a handy redraw facility

  • When you set up a redraw facility you’ll be able to get same-day access to any extra repayments you’ve made to your home loan.  (No redraw fee applies.)

Fee free 


Let your home loan move with you to your new home

  • If you’re moving house you can avoid the establishment and other fees of setting up a new loan by taking your current home loan with you and keeping the same account number (security criteria apply). That’s real portability.

$300 per move, Free with Premier Advantage Package 


You can take a repayment holiday when you’ve made extra repayments. 

  • If you’ve made extra repayments, you can take a partial or full break from making repayments (conditions apply).

Fee free 

When building a home you can make progress draws on your loan to pay builders and other contractors

  • Being able to progressively draw down funds means you’re able to minimise interest costs, by only accessing funds when you need them (drawings must be completed within 12 months).

$300 covers all 

Locking in your rate between application and drawdown

  • You can lock in the fixed rate from the date you apply through to 2 days prior to the date you settle your loan. The fixed rate that will apply at the date of your request is the rate that you can lock in. If the fixed rate then increases through the settlement process, the rate you’ve locked in will still apply for up to 90 days from your loan application date, or 180 days for progress draw loans.

0.10% of the loan amount

Loan Details
Product Details -
Min. Loan Amount $15,000
Max. Loan Amount $10,000
Max. Loan Term 30 years
Standard Rates
Interest Rate Type Fixed
Min. Current Rate 4.79% p.a.
Comparison Rate 5.50% p.a.
Fixed Interest Option Yes
Fixed Term 4
Loan Features
Repayment Type Principle & Interest or Interest Only
Max. Insured LVR 95%
Max. LVR 80%
Loan Redraw Facility Yes
Mortgage 100% Offset No
Mortgage Offset Account No
Split Loan facility Yes
Loan Portable Yes
Repayment Option Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
Available as Equity Loan/Line of Credit No
Application Fee $600
Annual Service Fee $96
Exit Fee $350
Legal Fee $0
Settlement Fee $0
Valuation Fee $0

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