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St George Car Loan - Fixed Rate

With a St George Car Loan simply use the car you buy as security for the loan, which will deliver the benefit of a considerably lower interest rate than you might be offered with an unsecured loan.

  • Fixed interest rates - from 8.49% p.a. for the life of your car loan
  • A lower interest rate - where St George accept your car as security
  • Loan Amounts - Borrow from $3,000 up to $80,000
  • Loan Terms - terms of 1 to 5 years
  • Apply online - receive a response in 60 seconds
  • Loan terms - You can choose a term between one and five years
  • Fees and charges - $195 establishment fee and ongoing $9 monthly administration fee. If you want to repay your loan early there is a charge of $150 within the first 12 months, or $100 after that.
  • Repayment options. Choose to make your repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly so they are synch with how you recieve your income.

To qualify for a lower interest rate, any motor vehicle offered as security must not be more than 12 years old upon loan expiry. The vehicle used as security must be registered under the applicant's name. If the vehicle is registered in joint names, the loan application must be under joint names.

Standard Rates
Min. Current Rate 8.49% p.a.
Comparison Rate 9.60% p.a.
Loan Features and Terms
Product Details A secured personal loan with a low fixed interest rate and flexible borrowing up to a maximum of $80,000 specifically designed for car purchases
Min. Loan Amount $3,000
Max. Loan Amount $80,000
Min. Loan Term 1 years
Max. Loan Term 5 years
Repayment Options Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
Security Vehicle
Car Type Must not be more than 12 years old upon loan expiry
Application Fee $195
Monthly Service Fee $12
Early Repayment Penalty $150
Missed Repayment Penalty -
Document Release Fee $0

What happens when I click "Go to site"?

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    Clicking Go to site will direct you to the providers web site

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    Complete the online application on the providers web site

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    Once approved the provider will issue your new product, delivery times will vary by provider.