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BankSA Unsecured Personal Loan (Variable)

The BankSA Unsecured Variable Personal Loan comes packed with flexibility:

  • Loan term - Borrow your loan amount for between 1 and 7 years
  • Loan amount - Borrow as much as $40,000, with the minimum loan amount set at $3,000.
  • Flexible repayments - You can choose to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.
  • Additional repayments - you are able to make additional repayments.
  • Redraw facility - A redraw facility is available, there is a $10 fee per redraw and a minimum redraw amount is $500.
  • Account tracking - Keep track of your repayments and the amount you have left to pay through BankSA’s Internet banking facility.
  • Fast application - You can apply online and receive a response within 60 seconds. Applications usually take less than 15 minutes.


Fees and charges

  • $9 monthly administration fee
  • $9 payment dishonour fee
  • $10 redraw fee (only available on the variable rate loan)
  • $150 personal loan discharge processing fee if the loan is discharged within the first 12 months, reverts to $100 for the remainder of the loan term
Standard Rates
Min. Current Rate 12.99% p.a.
Comparison Rate 13.77% p.a.
Loan Details
Provider BankSA
Product Details Low rate, extra repayments, redraw and fast decision on your on line application within 60 seconds.
Min. Loan Term 1 years
Max. Loan Term 7 years
Min. Loan Amount $3,000
Max. Loan Amount $40,000
Available as a Car Loan -
Car Type -
Fees and Terms
Application Fee $195
Monthly Service Fee $12
Early Repayment Penalty $150
Missed Repayment Penalty $9
Document Release Fee $0
Repayment Options Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly
Extra Payments Allowed Yes
Redraw Allowed Yes
Security No

What happens when I click "Go to site"?

  • 1

    Clicking Go to site will direct you to the providers web site

  • 2

    Complete the online application on the providers web site

  • 3

    Once approved the provider will issue your new product, delivery times will vary by provider.