Westpac List and description of Acceptable Visas

As a temporary resdient in Australia you will need to check that your Visa is accepted by Westpac prior to commencing any temporary resident credit card or personal loan application. If you are seeking information on opening a bank account with Westpac you can check out their Migration Banking Services.

Westpac List and description of Acceptable Visas

Visa Description

100 Spouse/Defacto partner is a permanent resident
103 Parent Visa live in Australia if their child is a permanent resident
115 Remaining relative visa- live in Australia if their remaining relative is a permanent resident

119  Regional sponsored Migration scheme

120  Labour Agreement visa - permanent residency

121  Employer nominated visa - permanent residency

124 Distinguished talent visa
132 Business talent visa
134 Skill matching visa - you and dependant family may live as permanent residents
136 Skilled Worker visa meeting skilled occupation list may live and work as permanent residents
138 Australian skilled relative sponsored visa – meets skilled occupation list migration
143 Contributory parent visa – parents of an Australian citizen may permanently live in Australia
151 Former permanent resident who served in the Australian Defence Force 155 5 year return permanent resident visa

160  Business owner visa - establish a business in Australia or make a designated investment

161  Senior Executive can travel in and out of Australia any number of times as long as visa is valid

162  An investor can have his family accompany him to Australia; they will have access to work and study

163  State/Territory Sponsored business owner this is a pathway to permanent residence

164  State/Territory Sponsored Senior Executive for people who have a successful business or investment career

165  State/Territory Sponsored investor

175  Skilled independent visa

176  Skilled sponsored visa

186  Employer nominated scheme

187  Regional employer nominated scheme

188  Business innovation & Investment - (Prov) Can only be nominated by State or territory government and invited to apply by Minister for Immigration

189  Skilled Independent visa

190  Skilled nominated visa

405 Investment/retirement visa - (Temp) must be sponsored by state or territory government– must have $65k income pa and invest $750k or regional $50k income and invest $500k 457 Business long stay sponsored

475 Regional sponsored visa - nominated by Australian State or territory government
487 Skilled regional sponsored
489 Skilled nominated or sponsored visa

801 Spouse/partner visa - permanent
835 Remaining relative visa - live in Australia if your only remaining relative is a permanent resident

855  Labour agreement - replaced by 186 Skilled employer visa

856  Employer nominated scheme- live and work in Australia as permanent resident

857  Regional sponsored Migration visa - live and work in regional/remote or low population areas as a permanent resident

858  Distinguished talent visa

885  Skilled independent visa

886  Skilled sponsored visa

887  Skilled regional visa

888  Business innovation and investment

890 Business owner for more than 2 years

892  State/territory sponsored business owner

893  State/territory sponsored investor

New Zealand Citizen (with a valid NZ passport)