Mastercard credit card with finger print scanner

The new MasterCard credit card has a built-in fingerprint scanner

1 May 2017

MasterCard’s new credit card has a built-in fingerprint scanner

Instead of using a PIN or signature to authorize a payment, you scan your fingerprint

The rapid adoption of mobile payments has brought with it evolutions in how we validate transactions, with most recently our fingerprint being used across Apple Pay. In response MasterCard has built a credit card with a fingerprint scanner built-in, the card is no thicker than normal, and enables users to authorize their payments with a touch, rather than using a PIN or signature. Mastercard Biometric Scanner

MasterCard says the card works with all existing chip-and-PIN readers (no magnetic stripe-only terminals), and is currently being trialed in South Africa. Further trials are planned for Europe and the Asia-Pacific region in coming months, with a “full roll out expected later this year.”

Ajay Bhalla, MasterCard’s chief of security said the card was designed to offer cardholders “additional convenience and security”

To get one of the new cards, customers will have to visit an enrollment center (probably a bank), where their fingerprint will be scanned and transfer onto their card. It’ll be stored as encrypted data on the card’s EMV chip, and users will be able to save up to two prints (although you can’t put a print from someone else’s hand on there).

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