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NAB launches Android pilot to help customers with card use

13 October 2016

National Australia Bank has launched its new mobile app in response to the entry of Apple Pay and Android Pay to the Australian market. The new APP has initially been released as an open pilot on Android devices for Visa credit and debit cards with what NAB are claiming as “world-leading” features which enables customers to control how their NAB cards are used.

“This is a whole new platform for a new era of NAB mobile banking,” the bank’s head of consumer lending, Angus Gilfillan, said. Among the world-first features, according to Mr. Gilfillan, is the ability to block the credit card if the owner thinks it’s lost, and unblock it if it is subsequently found.NAB Android App

Certain transactions - for example, online purchases when a secondary card is issued to a family member - can also be blocked, along with contactless payments if a customer is not comfortable with the technology.

The App includes an innovation that allows NAB customers to instantly use a new credit card for contactless transactions worth less than $100, without having to wait for their new card to arrive via post..

The importance of getting mobile banking services right is highlighted by NAB’s data which shows that  71% of NAB customer logons are through mobile handsets, and payments made via mobile apps are growing significantly month on month as Apple Pay and Android Pay gain traction.

In August, ANZ claimed that 20% of the bank’s “eligible” customers (adults with a credit or debit card and an Apple Pay compatible iPhone) had uploaded their ANZ card details to the Apple Pay.

ANZ’s deal with Apple Pay gave the bank access to the near field communication chip on the iPhone which is what facilitates tap-and-go payments using your mobile.

ANZ’s rivals, including NAB, have so far been unable to agree to terms with Apple, and have combined to petition the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission for approval to bargain collectively with Apple on its payments service.

NAB customers with iPhones can join in the pilot for the new app and use the new control features, but will need a pay tag on their handsets to complete contactless payments as the APP cannot access the NFC chip required to make contactless payments.

The full version of the NAB app is scheduled to be launched this year.

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