Velocity Frequent Flyer Credit Card

Velocity Credit Cards are issued by all the major card providers in partnership with Virgin Australia, to offer Velocity members the opportunity to accelerate their Velocity Point earning by earning Velocity Points for their credit card spend.

The guide below is designed to help you compare the best Velocity Credit Cards and select the Velocity Credit Card which balances Velocity Point earning opportunities with competitive credit card interest rates and fees. A selection of the best Velocity credit cards for earning Velocity Points are featured in the comparison table below, which also includes a Velocity Points calculator designed to indicate the number of Velocity Points you would earn in the 1st 12 months of being a cardholder, relative to your projected monthly credit card spend.

Guide to Velocity Credit Cards

Velocity credit card - earning Velocity Points from your everyday spending

A Velocity Credit Card is a reward credit card that rewards cardholders with Velocity Points when they use their card to pay for eligible purchases. For each $1 spent on their Velocity Credit Card they will earn Velocity Points, so if your Velocity credit card point earn rate is 1 Velocity Point per $1 spent, and the purchase you made was for $1000, you would earn 1000 Velocity Points.

Within you application for a Velocity credit card your Velocity Flyer Number will be requested and then used to link  your new Velocity credit card with your Velocity Frequent Flyer Account. By linking the accounts any Velocity Points you earn from using your Velocity credit card will be  automatically credited to your Velocity Frequent Flyer Account at the end of each statement period.

If you do not have a Velocity Frequent Flyer Number at the time of making your application, don’t worry as you can add this later and request that your accounts are linked.


Comparison of the Best Credit Cards for earning Velocity Points

Selecting the Best Credit Card for Velocity Points involves close consideration of 10 features of each Velocity Credit Card:


1. Velocity Point earn rate

The Velocity Point earn rate is set by the credit card provider and determines the number of Velocity Points you will will earn for every $1 you spend using your Velocity Frequent Flyer Credit Card. 

Velocity Credit Cards tend to have 2 point earn rates:

Standard Point earn rate - this is applied to everyday transactions.

Partner Point earn rate - this higher earn rate is applied to transactions made with Virgin Australia and their partners who include Global Hotel Groups, Car Hire Companies, Retailers and services such as insurance and finance. These partners generally offer Velocity Point earn rates close to double those of standard purchases.


2. Capping of Velocity Points

Credit card providers are increasingly placing maximum caps on the number of Velocity Points cardholders can earn from using their Velocity credit cards. These caps tend to stipulate a maximum level of Points which can be earned per month, with any transactions made once the points cap has been reached not earning any Velocity Points. Velocity Credit Cards with uncapped point earning do exist though are few in number, but are well worth a look if you are looking to maximize your Velocity Points by earning Points for all your credit card spend.


3. Sign up Velocity Points for new Customers

Velocity Credit Card providers frequently include generous Velocity Point sign up bonuses designed to entice new applicants to select their card, over a competitors. These point bonuses can range from 5,000 to 100,000 Velocity Points, and increasingly include conditions which must be met before the bonus points are credited to your Velocity Flyer Account.

These conditions tend to link the release of the bonus points with stipulated levels of activity on your new credit card in the early months of holding the card. So for example the card provider may state that the Intro offer points will be released once you have used your credit card to cover transactions to the value of $500 within the 1st 3 months of holding the card.


Best Velocity Credit Cards with Sign up Bonus Velocity Point Offers

AMEX Platinum Velocity Credit cardAmerican Express Velocity Platinum Credit Card

100,000 Bonus Velocity Points  Full Card Details >>

No Points Cap, 0% p.a. on Balance Transfers for 12 months, High Velocity Point earn rates.


4. Companion Credit Cards

Companion credit cards are designed to enable cardholders to maximize all Velocity Point earning opportunities through high earn rates and close to 100% card acceptance. When you select a companion card you are issued with 2 credit cards on a single account, an American Express Card, for high point earning, and either a Visa or MasterCard, to ensure you have worldwide acceptance in your wallet. The American Express card offers higher point earn rates than the Visa or MasterCard, though the Visa or MasterCard are part of the deal to ensure you have global coverage should your American Express Credit Card not be accepted by a particular merchant.


5. Annual credit card fees on Velocity Credit cards

Velocity Credit Cards tend to feature an annual card fee in the range of $50 to $350 p.a., with the higher fees reserved for the Premium Velocity Platinum and Black credit cards which offer higher point earn rates and a deeper range of benefits including complimentary travel insurance and extended product warranties.

To understand the level of annual card fee that suits your circumstances follow this simple process:

  • Estimate the number of points you will earn per year by using each credit card
  • Establish what product these points could be redeemed for
  • Using RRP estimate the value of the products available for redemption.
  • If the value if these goods does not exceed the cost of the annual fee it would suggest the card fee is too high for your level of projected annual spend, and as such represents poor value.


6. Credit Card Interest rates

If you regularly carry a balance on your credit card the Purchase Rate will be an important card feature to consider, as this will determine the interest charges any debt will incur across each statement period.


7. Interest Free Days

Velocity Credit Cards tend to include a period of interest free days that provide a period during which no interest is charged on your purchases. This period tends to range from 45 to 55 days.


8. Complimentary Virgin Australia flights

The premium Velocity Credit Cards often feature Complimentary Flights subject to a minimum spend level being reached with your Velocity Credit Card. The flights tend to be domestic economy flights and subject to some fairly stringent conditions.


 9. VIP Benefits

VIP benefits tend to be reserved for Platinum Velocity Credit Cards and include discounts on Virgin Australia International flights and complimentary access to the Virgin Australia Lounges.

As a reward credit card skewed heavily toward travel not surprisingly a number of the Velocity Credit Cards include complimentary travel insurance when you pay for your trip using your Velocity credit card.


10. Velocity Credit Card Level

Standard, Gold and Platinum Velocity credit cards feature different Velocity Point earn rates per $1 spent, with Standard cards having the lowest and Platinum Credit Cards the highest rates.

Card level may also impact what types of purchase are considered eligible transactions for earning points. For example the American Express Velocity Escape Card (their standard level card) does not award Velocity Points for spend on utility bills, insurances offered by companies other than American Express, payments to the ATO, Australia Post or Local and Federal Government bodies. Though their Gold and Platinum Card holders can earn Velocity Points across each of these types of transactions.


Velocity Frequent Flyer Program

With over 5 million members the award winning Velocity Frequent Flyer is frequent flyer loyalty program of Virgin Australia, which rewards members with Velocity Points for flying with Virgin Australia and shopping with Velocity Partners, the program is free to join.

Earning Velocity Points

Velocity members earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points when they fly with Virgin Australia and any of Virgin Australia’s airline partners that include Ethiad Airways, Air New Zealand, Delta, Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airways. Velocity Points can also be earned when you choose to shop at one of the Velocity Partners which include Hotels and Car hire Companies. The Partner Hotel Groups include Hilton Hotels, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Langham Hotels and Shangri-La Hotel and Resorts. The 3 major hire car companies, Hertz, Thrifty and Europcar all reward Velocity members for choosing their services at over 12,000 locations around the world.

Earning Velocity Status Credits

As a Velocity Member every time you fly with Virgin Australia or one of their Airline Partners on an eligible fare you will earn Status Credits, these Status Credits are used by Velocity to determine your Velocity membership level.  The more Status Credits you earn the higher your Velocity membership level and the greater the benefits you will receive. Velocity has three levels of membership above entry level (Red): Silver, Gold and Platinum

Your level of Velocity membership includes any Status Credits earned through Family Pooling, where Velocity allows members to group your family members’ Status Credits into one Account.

Benefits of your membership level include Points bonuses with Velocity travel partners. Silver members can also enjoy Priority Check-in on international flights, while Gold and Platinum members can experience lounge access and priority services when travelling, including Sydney Lounge Premium Entry and Premium Valet and Melbourne Premium Exit

Earning Velocity Points through Car Hire

The 3 major global hire car companies, Hertz, Thrifty and Europcar have partnered with Velocity to offer Velocity Points when you a hire a car from one of the 12,000 available locations around the world. The Velocity Point earn rates differ when you hire overseas and relative to your Velocity Membership Level:

Car Hire in Australia and New Zealand will earn members 3 Velocity Points per $1 spent. This Velocity Point earn rate is boosted relative to your Velocity Membership level as follows:

  • Silver - 50% Bonus Velocity Points
  • Gold - 75% Bonus Velocity Points
  • Platinum - 100% Velocity Bonus Points

Any Car Hire you purchase overseas will earn members a flat 800 Velocity Points, with no Bonus Points.

When you book your car hire via the Virgin Australia website you will receive the reassurance of the partner companies Price Promise which promises that if you find a lower rate than the one you booked, online for the exact same conditions with the same partner company on the same day you book your car, you will be offered the same price, 1,000 Velocity Points bonus and a voucher for a free day or upgrade which you can use the next time you hire a car from the same company


Earning Velocity Points from Hotel Bookings

Velocity Frequent Flyer members can choose from over 600,000 hotels in over 37,000 cities worldwide, all of which will reward members with Velocity Points. To earn Velocity Points members can either book directly with the participating Hotel Partners and then show their Velocity Card when they check in or book online through Agoda to earn 3 Velocity Points for each $1 spent with significant Bonus Points for each Member Level, in similar vein to the Car Hire Bonus Point offers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Velocity Frequent Flyer points earned from Velocity Credit Card transactions ever expire?

If a Velocity Frequent Flyer Member’s Membership Account is inactive for 36 consecutive months the Member’s Velocity Points will expire. This will occur if the Member has not earned, redeemed, or transferred Velocity Points to or from their Membership Account for a period of 36 consecutive months and if the Member is not participating (as a Contributing Account or Beneficiary Account) in a Family Pool. Expiry of Velocity Points will not affect the Member’s Membership Account.

What are Introductory Bonus Velocity Frequent Flyer Point Offers?

Velocity Credit Card providers are aware that potential card holders are eager to build their Velocity Points balances and have responded to this by offering Velocity Points as an incentive to apply for their respective Velocity credit card. Introductory Bonus Velocity frequent flyer points of up to 100,000 points are offered by the credit card providers. To attain the full bonus new credit card users will generally have to meet certain credit card usage levels based on spend in the early months of card ownership, so be sure to check the T&C’s of any introductory Reward Points offer.

What are eligible transactions when earning Velocity points with a Velocity Credit Card?

Velocity Points are earned when cardholders use their Velocity credit cards to pay for eligible transactions, where eligible transactions include your everyday purchases be it at the supermarket, café or DIY store. The simplest way to understand what purchases are eligible to earn Velocity Points is to list the transaction types that are ineligible, as it’s a much shorter list.

  • Cash advances
  • Balance transfers
  • Interest charges
  • Government charges, including ATO payments
  • Insurance payments
  • Loan payments
  • Business transactions
  • Gambling transactions
What rewards can I redeem Velocity Points for?

Just as you can earn with Velocity program partners, you can also redeem points for a huge choice of rewards from these affiliated companies. Rewards include flights and travel services, retail products, business and leisure services, charities, food and drink, even space travel with Virgin Galactic

What are the Velocity family Benefits?

Velocity offers specially designed Family Benefits. Families are able to pool points and Status Credits in a single account, meaning you gain rewards and membership upgrades faster. New parents can pause their Silver, Gold or Platinum membership for six months after birth, picking up where they left off with the same membership level. Families can also attain a complimentary Virgin Australia lounge pass each time they earn 100 Status Credits, and may transfer Velocity Points between membership accounts up to four times annually.

Gold and Platinum Velocity members enjoy additional family benefits?

Yes, Gold and Platinum Velocity members do recieve additional family benefits. At these premium member levels they can make use of guaranteed Reward Seats for an annual family vacation. As a Gold member, you can redeem points up to four return Reward Seats for your family to any holiday destination within Australia. Platinum members redeem points up to four family members on return Reward Seats to a choice of hundreds of international destinations.

What are Velocity Status Credits?

This is how the Velocity Frequent Flyer program determines your level of benefits. So Status Credits determine your membership level. The higher your level, the more benefits you receive. With each Virgin Australia flight that you book you will earn Status Credits.