• Debt consolidation

    Debt consolidation vs credit card refinancing | Which is best?

    Many Australians are struggling with debt as evidenced by the latest stats which indicate that the personal debt levels in Australia are at around $144 billion of which around $32 billion is credit card debt, equating to about $4,300 of debt per cardholder. If you are one of the many Australian’s who are struggling to meet the repayments on your debts the good news is that there is path back to a debt free position. This article ...(continued)

  • How to Compare 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

    0% balance transfer credit cards are designed to help cardholders minimize their interest payments and pay off their debts. By moving your current credit card, personal loan or store card debts on to a 0% p.a. balance transfer credit card you could pay no credit card interest for up to two years, these savings on interest payments could equate to several hundred or even thousands of dollars. Compare 0% Balance Transfer Credit Car...(continued)

  • How do Balance Transfers work

    How do Balance Transfer Credit Cards work and how do they save you money?

    This infographic seeks to de mistify Balance Transfer Credit Cards by illustrating how they work how they can save you money from reduced interest charges and what you have to do at each stage of the balance transfer process. The infographic will cover: The process of making a credit card balance transfer Outline how you can make savings on interest charges by making a Balance Transfer (try our balance transfer saving cal...(continued)